Healthy AND tasty

In collaboration with Creative Nature.

Creative Nature, and I, believe products that claim to be healthy, should also be tasty. It’s the same for ‘free from’ products, just because it doesn’t have gluten, dairy, nuts or sweeteners in, doesn’t mean it has to be free from flavour. Why have a healthy diet if you’re just not going to enjoy yourself, right?

With this mindset, Creative Nature has created a range of healthy snack bars that has won more Great Taste Gold Stars than any other cold-pressed range in history!

Apart from tasting better, what makes Creative Nature different? Well, they make sure they source the highest quality ingredients to maximise the health benefits to you, and ensure their products don’t contain the harmful heavy metals often found in cheaper products from China. They want you to really feel the benefits of these amazing natural superfoods, so sourcing from areas with no pollution is essential. Their Barley Grass, for example, is from the rolling hills of Canterbury, New Zealand, an area renowned for producing the most nutrient-rich crop on the planet.

I am very happy to have a collaboration with Creative Nature and I’m looking forward to introduce them to you in my recipes.

Wanna try ’em too? With the code FAVE10 you’ll get 10% off in their webshop! Link to the webshop in the picture below. ⬇

Save 10% with Creative Nature, FAVE10

Have a lovely day everybody, the unicorns of Mount Molesey are smiling upon you. 😊


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